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Due to their past experiences, some dogs would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Dennis - young adult male, neutered

 Dennis is just a lovely guy to have around. He does a little happy dance when anyone speaks to him, and waits patiently for the attention. Dennis is probably a Pyrenees/Shepherd cross, as he is quite large with a gorgeous shaggy coat. He has a gentle look in his eye that we think indicates a warm, loving personality. He will make an amazing canine companion for the right family! If you have another dog, we will need to set up a meet and greet between the two.

Oreo - 2 year old neutered male Border Collie

Oreo has A LOT OF ENERGY. He is trying hard here to sit still and smile for the picture, but it is tough when you've got this kind of energy! Like all Border Collies, Oreo will do best with a family who can provide him with plenty of exercise and outlets for his boundless joy for running around. Give him a ball and he will love you forever. Oreo walks well on leash and already has some amazing skills and plenty of smarts.

Finn - 5 year old male Collie cross

Finn is a lovely boy, around 5 years old and already neutered. He would probably be best with adults or older children. He does get along with select other dogs, so if you have another pooch in the family we would need to do a meet and greet to see if they hit it off!

Angel - 1.5 year old female Shepherd cross
Angel is currently out on trial. Please check back!

This is such a very sweet girl. You can just see the absolute love that this girl will give to the right family who offer her a new forever home. Angel tries so hard to please. She has lots of energy, as she is still quite young, and will be a wonderful active companion. Angel is quite petite, and is fine with selected doggie friends.

Angel is already spayed, and is ready to move in and give you her friendship for life.

Rosie - 3 year old spayed female Lab

This is a gal with lots of energy! Rosie would love to find a new forever home with an active household, and in return she will do her best to keep her humans active. This girl has the sweetest expression on her face, an openly curious look that seems to ask "Are YOU the people who will love me?"

Rosie is already spayed. If you have another dog at home we would recommend setting up a meet and greet.

D.L. - Senior Lady


D.L. is an older girl, but it is tough to tell how old because of how thin she is, and how rough her coat is after so much time spent uncared for. The vet guessed anywhere from 6 to 10 years old. D.L. has hip dysplasia and some arthritis which must have made it very painful to be living in the rough. She also has some cataracts in her eyes which would have made everything more challenging.

Some people might say she has too many health issues to take on. But we say "how can we not give her a chance?"

When a dog still trusts and loves people even after being abandoned and in pain, bewildered and hungry, how can we turn her away or say she is not adoptable? It's impossible to make that betrayal of her trust. So we send this picture out into the universe (or at least into Facebook-land!) and hope there is someone with a heart big enough to offer her a home, even if it is just a long-term foster home. She does not like cats, and she does not get along with other dogs, probably as a result of her long period of homelessness. D.L. deserves to be loved, even though she is not a puppy, she is not looking her best, and is a bit creaky and a little blind. She needs a soft place to land after a hard run.

Vince - 1 year old male Shepherd

What an amazingly sweet face this boy has! We are still getting to know Vince, but so far he seems quite shy and gentle. He is a young adult who has been around other dogs, but if you have another dog in the family you would need to set up a meet and greet with Vince. Please check back for more details as we get to know him!

Molly - 10 year old spayed Shih Tzu
Molly is currently out on trial, so please check back!

Molly is a 10-year-old female Shih Tzu who is already spayed and is ready to tackle the next chapter of her life! We are treating Molly for a chronic ear infection and a skin condition, both of which are totally manageable. She doesn't really feel the need for other dog friends, but she does like children. She has a funny way of chit-chatting with a low growly sound that is strictly conversational. Like many small dogs, she has some behavioural quirks that need a little work but the right family will have no problem with that.

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Want to walk and help the Moose Jaw Humane Society? Download the ResQWalk app. It is an app for smartphones that keeps track of how many km people walk, run or bike. The shelter then receives money from their donor pool. We love it, and we are #2 in North America for km walked! More info.

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