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Due to their past experiences, some dogs would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Maddison - 9 month old spayed Shepherd Collie cross

Maddison is a true ambassador of our vision and mission at the MJHS. This shut down feral stray came to us when she was 3 months old. Unable to touch even touch this girl, we promised Maddison that success was the only solution and that we were going to learn how to help her become unbroken, no matter what.

Fast forward 4 months and this girl now goes out walking with our volunteers, she has been in puppy class, she is regularly vetted and for what it is worth owns all of our hearts here. Maddison will always carry the emotional scars from her past. She will be shy of new experiences and she will need a second dog to help her find her confidence in what seems like a very big world to her some days. She will need a home with no cats.

Indi - young adult female Shepherd cross

This stunningly beautiful girl has a love of life that we challenge you to resist! Her enthusiasm is irresistible, and her energy level is enough to motivate YOU to move with her. Long walks or runs are just the thing for both doggy and human! Indi enjoys children. If you have another dog, we will need to introduce them. Please check in to the Shelter in person to find out more about the beautiful Indi.

Katie - Young adult female Terrier cross
Katie is out on trial! Please check back.

Well, hello Miss Katie! Katie is a young adult Terrier cross who came into our care very muddy and matted. Once she had a bath and a haircut she feels like a new woman! Look at that adorable face! We are just getting to know this sweet girl, so we suggest you drop in to meet her.

 Memphis - 2 year old male Bull Terrier cross

Memphis is currently out on trial. Please check back!

This extremely handsome boy is probably around 2 years old, and is just a lovely dog that we are still getting to know. He is very friendy and eager to please! If you have another dog at home, we would need to do a meet and greet.


Buddy - 1.5 year old male Lab cross

Hey Buddy! This superdog has all the energy and love of life that are inherent in Labradors all over the doggy world. To know a Lab is to love a Lab, but be prepared for lots of energy! Buddy will benefit from plenty of exercise to help him maintain his best behavior. Need a running or walking partner? Buddy is your boy. He is already neutered and ready to make his home with a new family.

Rhett - Young adult male Retriever/Collie Cross

Is this not the face of joyful curiosity? Sweet Rhett is a young dog, probably around a year old. He has tons of enthusiastic Collie energy that he will need to exert with LOTS of healthy exercise to keep him active and engaging in positive activities. If you have another dog, we would need to do a meet and greet with this handsome guy to see how they hit it off.

Harley - 2 year old male Border Collie


Harley is out on trial. Please check back!

Harley is an amazing boy, whip-smart and packed with energy. He is a neutered male Border Collie who adores a game of fetch, long walks or runs and lots of challenges. We are betting he would be awesome at doggie agility training.

Kody - 3 year old male Samoyed/Collie cross

Kody is currently out on a trial adoption. Please check back.

Is this not a sweet smile?? The beautiful Kody has already been neutered, and is probably a Samoyed/Collie cross. He has tons of energy, adores a good long walk on a crisp fall day and is packed with personality. We are just getting to know this boy, so please check back for more information.

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Want to walk and help the Moose Jaw Humane Society? Download the ResQWalk app. It is an app for smartphones that keeps track of how many km people walk, run or bike. The shelter then receives money from their donor pool. We love it, and we are #2 in North America for km walked! More info.

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