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Due to their past experiences, some dogs would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Jasper - 1-3 year old neutered Husky

Energetic and playful, this young boy greets everyone with enthusiasm, hoping to land himself a new home.  Jasper is full of life and is always on the lookout for his next play date with you. Jasper is a comedian, with a great sense of humor and a big lust for life.

Jasper will need a family that understand his breed and can keep up with his need for daily exercise.We would love to see Jasper and his new family continues on with obedience training. Jasper will have to go to family with NO cats.

We have falling fast in love with this one and look forward to seeing him weasel his way into your heart. It won't be hard. If you don't mind a dorkish boy with a lot of bounce, you'll be smitten too





Blue - 3 year old neutered Rottweiler cross

Big old Blue is a mature male that still has a silly side.This boy likes to play with his toys and loves to play loud! Some people are put off by his play style but we know it’s all talk!
Although Blue has moments of exuberant zooming and antelope-like bounding, overall, he is gentle and polite once he gets to know a person. Blue is looking for a home that can understand that he still is working on trusting people. It does take a while before Blue will trust but once he does he will be your best friend! Blue prefers to fly solo and be the only animal in the house. No cats NO dogs for this boy. 
If you are interested in meeting Blue we do ask that you view him outside his kennel. Dogs in a shelter are exposed to a variety of stressful events: kennels are novel and often extremely noisy and their personality are negatively shown through a barrier. The best profile of Blue is one outside of his kennel! 


Molly - 1 1/2 year old Shepherd Rottweiler cross

Molly is a young girl with a lot of life in her. Molly has a great sense of humor about herself, about people, about life in general. She is one of those dogs that simply loves life and loves to be involved in every aspect of it. Molly is a dog that is on the go! She will need daily exercise to help get rid of her energy.
Molly has lived with other dogs and kids. Though she gets excited when you first meet her, Molly does calm nicely and does well in the house. Molly would benefit from continue training to help her polish up on her impulse control when meeting new people.
The love that Molly has to give is incredible. Someone is going to win the jackpot by adopting Molly and receiving that kind of devotion.











Tank - 1 year old neutered  Pyrenees Bulldog cross 

Tank is just your typical giant head, big cartoon smiling Bulldog with a Pyrenees heart to match.  Goofy, lumbering, and full of love,Tank is completely irresistible.  His huge smile, the way he prances up to you,and how he finally rests her head against you for affection draws you in and makes you fall in love
Tank is a sensitive soul. We are looking for a family that will continue on with positive only training for this sweetheart. Tank has lived with other dogs and does great with cats. Though Tank is use to the outdoor he does settle well inside and has great manners. You will barely notices this 80lb dog on your lap;)
The family that adopts Tank will have to understand that he is still shy to new experience but the time that you put into him will be worth every second.  We know Tank has it in him to grow into confident young man and that he will be more than happy to be your co-pilot for life's happy adventures.




Porsche - Adopted!
On trial please check back!


Perry - 2 year old neutered Terrier Pug cross
On trial please check back!



Geisha - Adopted!
On trial please check back!



Mayzie - 8 month old spayed Shepherd Terrier cross
On trial please check back!



Bristol - 4 year old spayed Pitbull
On trail  please check back!



Wiggles - 3 year old spayed Lab cross 
Wiggles' adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous supporter.

Cats? Yes. Dogs? With proper intros: Party time! Kids? Of course!

Wiggle has an incredible passion for life and people. She is happiest when she is around people and charms everyone she meets with her optimistic, enthusiastically affectionate attitude. She has a love for toys and good times but also settles nicely when play time is over and is happy to snuggle up for some loving.

Wiggles is both doe-eyed bashful and super kookie-fun and playful. Wiggles looks for friendship in every set of eyes she meets.  Wiggle knows her basic obedience; she knows to keep all four on the floor (making her great with kids!) This girl would love a family that is around a lot and will be committed to providing her with a regular exercise program.

Wiggles will need a family that understands that she is learning that being alone is okay. Working on her anxiety while she is with us,we believe that once Wiggles finds that perfect home where all her needs are met she will adjust just fine. 

Wiggles is dog selective. A meet and greet would be necessary if there is another dog in the house. 



Pixie - 3-4 year old Pekingese cross
On trial please check back!














Jo - 1 year old spayed female Pyrenees Bulldog cross

Jo is one of those “guys’ girls.” Athletic, a bit flirty,and just barely masking vulnerability that brings out the protective side inall of us.  It doesn't hurt that she’s stunningly beautiful. Her particular variety of unadulterated sweetness is absolutely captivating. She makes our hearts sing

Jo can be a bit of a mystery, she take a bit to get to know you,then the not- so- shy- anymore Jo is all wiggle and full of love! This girl is brave with another dog but is just getting to learn things on her own and willneed a family that understands that
Gentle and kind Jo has no problems winning hearts. You won’t meet a girl that is more connected. Jo is good with other dogs and is fantastic in the presence of cats.  Though Jo is used to being outdoors she really does well in the house and has great manners.
Affectionate and hopeful, combine a thirst for knowledge with a love of treats and attention, Jo is a highly motivated dog who would make a wonderful addition to any home.








Maggie - 7-8 year old spayed Collie cross
On trial please check back!















Raven - Adopted!



Maggie - Adopted!


Harper - Adopted!
On trial please check back!



Tippy - 1-2 year old female Border Collie
On trial please check back!












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