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Due to their past experiences, some cats would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Baby- 2 yr. old, Neutered Male.

Baby might seem an odd name for a boy but this boys family knew he was just that, a big baby! His family was no longer able to care for him and while he misses them terribly he has settled into shelter life very nicely. Relaxed, affectionate and laid back are just a few of our favourite characteristics about this guy.

Bobby- Adult, Neutered Male.

Baby might seem an odd name for a boy but this boys family knew he was just that, a big baby! His family was no longer able to care for him and while he misses them terribly he has settled into shelter life very nicely. Relaxed, affectionate and laid back are just a few of our favourite characteristics about this guy.

Creamsicle- Adult, Neutered Male.

Creamsicle was rescued off the streets by a good samaritan. She did her best to keep him but unfortunately he did not see eye to eye with her cats. Creamsicle can be a home with submissive female cats, this guy likes to be the king of the household!

Dermont- 10 week old, Male.

Dermot is the last of his litter. He is available to meet at our satellite adoption center, Pet Valu.

Elaine- Adult, Spayed Female.

Elaine is a very affectionate girl. But, in typical female fashion she likes love on her terms and only on her terms. When she done having you love her she will let you know.

Freddy- 1 1/2 yr. old, Neutered Male.

Freddy is the cat with the most dramatic change from the day he arrived. When Freddy came in he was TERRIFIED! He would launch himself at us from his kennel, hiss, scratch and bite us if he got the chance. Fast forward a few weeks and Freddy is the most loving guy! He loves us to pick him up and carry him around the building. He has made friends with every cat he has ever met but Rhiannon is kinda his favourite. Maybe you have room in your house for 2?

Mya- 1 yr. old, Spayed Female.

Mya was pretty unsure when she first arrived at the shelter. She would hiss and meow, but we were persistent in helping her settle in and she has decided maybe it's not so bad here. She has a very unique meow that causes her nose to wrinkle up and make her look really mad, but really she just wants someone to pay attention to her.

Molly- Young Adult, Spayed Female.

Little Molly had some pretty ugly matts in her fur so is missing some fur in places but she is still a pretty girl. She is timid but quiet but does like people. We are sure that in the right home she would become a loving girl.

Willow - spayed adult female.

Willow came to us heavily pregnant and was placed in one of our awesome foster homes. She and her 3 beautiful kittens are now back at the shelter ready and waiting for their forever homes. Willow's foster family couldn't say enough good things about this sweet girl!

Juniper - 8 week old female.

Juniper and her littermates have just returned from their stay in one of our wonderful foster homes. We are hopeful that her adorable face and loving personality get her placed in a forever home very soon. And no you are not seeing things, little Aspen is a polydactyl on her front paws!

Akira- adult, spayed female.

This stunning girl thinks boys' in tuxedo's is overrated! With gorgeous large yellow eye's and a cute little pink nose she is literally the cat's meow.

Carter- adult, neutered male.

Carter is stealing hearts here left, right and center. He is one of those orange and white boys that love to be loved! If you got the time Carter can cuddle for hours.

Cherry- adult, spayed female.

Cherry is a sweet girl who is quiet and loving. She would do well in a home with another cat that likes other cats.

Tasha- adult, spayed female.

Tasha and her buddy Jeff were left in our porch. Both cats were wearing collars and clearly had a home at some point. While we are sure they are wondering what happened to their old family we are also sure that there is a wonderful, loving new family out there. If they are really lucky they may even find one that has room for them both.

Raspberry- 1 yr. old, Spayed Female

Raspberry was surrendered when her owner's living situation changed and he could no longer care for her. Raspberry is a lovely girl who would need to be the only pet in her new forever home. She kinda thinks the world revolves around her and doesn't really see a need for a second pet.

Sweety - adult spayed female.

We named this girl Sweety because she is just that S-W-E-E-T! She is sharing a room with her new friend Zita and they are quiet content together making Sweety a great addition to any crazy cat family.

Zita - spayed adult female.

Zita is currently sharing a room with her new friend Sweety and both girls are very much enjoying each others company. Every once in awhile Freddy scoots in there for a little time with the ladies and neither one of them mind him at all. Zita would clearly make a great addition to a home with other cats!

Louie - 2 year old neutered male.

Come on people, look at that face! Who doesn' want a cat with a perfect moustache. If that isn't enough to sell you on our Louie, he is also good with other cats and dogs that are good with cats. He is large and in charge and more than ready to go home!

Rhiannon - adult spayed female.

Poor Rhiannon has been with us for 159 days as of May 17. She is not a snuggly cat persay but she does love to follow us wherever we go and is very social with other cats. She is a favourite buddy of Freddy's in particular. Maybe there is a family out there with room for 2?!

Paula - adult spayed female.

Paula is a tuxedo cat. Tuxedo cats are very friendly in nature and also extremely active. These types of cats get along well with people, are smart and also affectionate. They are more likely to sit on your lap and enjoy your company. Who wouldn't want a tuxedo to share their life with?!

R.J. - adult neutered male.

R.J. has a stunning pure black shiny coat and gorgeous yellow eyes. He has the sweetest demeanor to go with his good looks and he is extremely chill! Did you know that 1/3 of cats in shelters are black cats and that on average there stay in the shelter is 24% longer than non black cats. R.J. is trying hard not to let those statistics get him down.

Ren - 8 month old neutered male.

Ren is a petite boy for his age. He is sweet as the day is long and loves attention. Don't you think he looks like a tiger? He has such gorgeous markings and that face! Who can resist that face?

Rob - adult neutered male.

Rob is quiet honestly one of our favourites! He is the first one to greet customers at the door as they walk in. His favourite pastimes are helping fill out paperwork (secretly hoping they are adoption papers for him), warming your keyboard, chair warmer (only if you were planning to sit in that chair), and just being an all round cuddle bug!

Stephenie - spayed adult female.

Stephenie arrived with a litter of kittens who were quickly adopted into their forever homes. Stephenie is still waiting. This girl is the epitomy of SWEET! She loves when our cat cuddlers come and can't get enough attention.

Tommy - adult neutered male.

Tommy's glossy black coat and stunning green eyes are hard to ignore yet somehow this loving guy continues to get overlooked. He is trying not to let those black cat statistics get him down.

Aspen - 8 week old male.

Aspen and his littermates have just returned from their stay in one of our wonderful foster homes. We are hopeful that his adorable face and loving personality get him placed in a forever home very soon.

Jeff- adult, neutered male.

This tuxedo boy is dressed for an evening out, or even better, an evening in! This sharp dressed man was left in our porch with his friend Tasha and they would love it if they could find a home together.

Robin- adult, spayed female.

Robin came in heavily pregnant and had 7, count them, 7 kittens in foster care! She has weened her babies and is ready for her chance in the spotlight! This girl has such a unique coat color that we aren't sure how to describe it. We will call it a diluted tortie, but you really have to come see for yourself, it's worth the trip!

Tabitha- adult, spayed female.

With velvety grey and white coat, a cute little bib and a sweet voice Tabitha spends her day's dreaming of a home to call her own.

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