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Due to their past experiences, some cats would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Tristan - 5 year old neutered male

This sweet boy's name is Tristan. He's one of the most affectionate cats we've met; all he wants to do is love you. He likes to move slow and steady, and his only goal is to make sure you know just how wonderful he thinks you are. He would love to be pet all day and enjoys being in people's company as much as possible. One look at his sweet face and you'll be ready to cuddle him forever.

Whiskers - 10 year old neutered male

They say that with age comes wisdom, and Whiskers is living proof! This beautiful old boy, always dressed to impress in his fancy tuxedo, has learned the only things that matter in this life are love and cuddles. His only goal is to give you as much love as he can possibly give, and all he asks for in return is all the snuggles you can handle. He would be a great buddy for those Netflix binges or cozy afternoons reading. His calming presence puts a smile on your face, and any family would be lucky to have him.

Presley - 2 year old spayed female

Since she's been with us, Presley has really come out of her shell. Once a timid, nervous girl, she has turned into one of the most loving cats we've ever seen. She likes to play and explore, but she wants to cuddle and be affectionate more than a toddler wants ice cream on a hot summer's day. She's very gentle, and the loving expression in her big green eyes when she's sitting on your lap will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. She even loves to cuddle with and be licked by dogs. All she needs now is a family as wonderful as she is to give her a forever home.

Jethro - 1 year old neutered male

Jethro says hello! This handsome fellow is playful and affectionate and wants nothing more than to make you smile. He likes to stare at people with his ever-watchful eyes, which is a sign of affection in cats. He also enjoys a good head scratch, but his favourite thing seems to be food. He's a great guy to share a meal with, though you may want to watch that he doesn't steal from your plate when you look away.
Jethro is a young adult, around a year old, and has been neutered. Come get to know him and you'll fall in love.

Tinkerbell - 3 year old spayed female

Our Tinkerbell is as sassy as her fairy namesake and equally as adorable. She is a natural-born ruler and knows how to get how to get exactly what she wants; she’ll either put you in your place with a gentle swat on the hand or butter you up with ample cuddles and purring. She likes to play and can get a little over excited, which tends to end in some not-so-graceful but hilarious manoeuvers that provide endless entertainment. If you’re looking for a fuzzy friend to inject a little crazy and a lot of love into your life, look no further. Tinkerbell is your gal, and she’s just waiting for you to take her home.

Dory - 6 year old neutered male

Dory is a gorgeous flame point Siamese with bright blue eyes and a personality as warm as the fire his breed is named for. He is very happy to laze about and relax, but he is happiest when sharing love with people. He starts to purr before you even begin to pet him, and he could snuggle with you for hours and hours. His only goal in life seems to be finding his fur-ever family so he can give them as much love as they could ever need.

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Want to walk and help the Moose Jaw Humane Society? Download the ResQWalk app. It is an app for smartphones that keeps track of how many km people walk, run or bike. The shelter then receives money from their donor pool. We love it, and we are #2 in North America for km walked! More info.

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