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Due to their past experiences, some cats would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Freddy - 2 year old neutered male

Freddy was so frightened and grouchy when he came into us. It took us awhile to earn his trust, but with patience and giving him a little extra space he has become a totally different cat. He is so excited to see us and winds around our legs purring the entire time. Freddy is sharing his space with 2 female cats and doing just fine with them.

Precious - 9 year old spayed female.

Precious was just that; precious, to her former owner. Unfortunately, her owner had to move into a care home and was no longer able to care for Precious. We know that this sweet girl was loved because as soon as we touch her she melts into our hands! As an older girl she needs a little help from her human to keep her coat looking it's best and she is more than okay with that as she loves to be combed. It is our hope that with her unique solid white coloring and her exceptionally loving personality that Precious will not be with us long.

Peanut- 1 yr. old spayed female

Peanut is currently on trial, please check back!

This little girl is full of purr's, cuddles and stories! Not only is she good with children, she also seems to have no problem with other cats or dogs for that matter. If you would like to meet this little dust bunny feel free to pop by

John - 3-5 year old neutered male

John is currently out on trial, please check back.

John is a mellow fellow who came in stray not long ago and we love him already. He was a matted mess when he came in and is feeling so much better after his shave. He is handsome, loving, and gentle and we are sure it will not take him long to find his forever home.

Simba - 3 year old spayed female

Simba is currently out on trial, please check back.

Simba is the mama of both Sunshine and Nala. A mother never picks a favorite but... Simba and Nala just mesh a little better. They are often found cuddled up together and Simba would never let Nala go out with a dirty face! Nala doesn't seem to mind have her mama give her a spit and shine to make her look her very best at all times. Simba is also extremely loving to any new kittens we have come into the building.

Louie - 2 year old neutered male.

Have you ever seen a cat with a more perfect moustache? Louie and his buddy Turbo were surrendered to us when their owner was no longer able to care for them. Both boys are affectionate and sweet. Louie took a little longer to come out of his shell than Turbo, but he is loving life here now and can't wait for a new forever home!

Turbo - 3 year old neutered male.

Turbo is currently out on trial, please check back.

This well dressed tuxedo cat came in as a surrender with his brother Louie when their owner was no longer able to care for them. Turbo adjusts easily to new situations and loves hanging out with his buddy Louie. Turbo and Louie would love it if they could find a home together!

Rika - young adult spayed female.

Rika's gorgeous coat is stunning, it goes from blackest black at the tip to almost white next to her skin. They say beauty is only skin deep but with this girl her insides are every bit as pretty as her outside. She is social with other cats and very affectionate with our cat cuddling volunteers.

Ryder - young adult neutered male.

Ryder is named after singer/songwriter Serena Ryder and his favorite song is "What I Wouldn't Do". Just like his favorite song there isn't anything Ryder wouldn't do to be there for you! Going to the bathroom? He'll be there for you. Having a nap? Ryder will be there for you. Eating supper? Oh ya, Ryder will be there for you!

R.J. - adult neutered male.

R.J. has a velvety black coat and gorgeous yellow eyes. Named after 90's R & B singer Brandy's brother, this cool cat has a song he's prepared to sing to you! Not a record executive? No problem, as long as he can make it to the top of your #1 hit list he's fine with that.

Zita - spayed adult female.

This beautiful tabby was found stray and we can't believe that no one has come for her. She is playful and affectionate and loves attention. If you have room in your family for a little tabby come in and meet Zita!

Irani- 1-2 yr. old spayed female.

This petite little girl is full of purr's and headbuts. We don't know much about her but she is most definately one of the sweetest, most affectionate little lady's we currently have!

Tommy- adult neutered male.

Do you have a flashlight at home? We suggest you may want one if taking this gentleman home. With a pure black coat he may be alittle hard to spot if making a trip to the fridge at night but rest assure if food is involved he will likely let you know he'd also enjoy a snack as well.

Echo- 5 month old male.

Echo was found scared, cold and with a broken leg when one of our staff members rushed out to rescue him. After being x rayed and fitted for a cast for his leg he is now starting to relax and trust. He has already come a long way and we see him becoming more confident and stronger each day

Anna - adult spayed female.

Anna came into the shelter as a stray with 5 wee kittens after working hard to make them healthy and happy and settled into their forever homes she is ready to focus on herself. Anna is not only a gorgeous girl, her personality is every bit as pretty as she is. She is gentle, quiet

Buck - 1-2 year old neutered male

Buck is currently out on trial, please check back.

Buck is cuddly and cute and shares his kennel with a feline friend so he is good with other cats. He is old enough not to be hanging off the chandelier, but young enough to still enjoy catching the red dot or playing with that ball of yarn.

Skippy 3-5 year old spayed female

Skippy is a quiet girl who is good with other cats and dogs. She is among the rare 20% of female orange or orange and white cats. She is quiet and undemanding but would love to cuddle up on your lap and keep you company.

Elaine - spayed adult female.

Lovely Elaine was brought in during one of our cold spells and has settled into shelter life quite nicely. She likes to talk to everyone as they clean in the morning and is sure to catch the attention of our volunteer cat cuddlers so they don't miss giving her a cuddle or two.

Rhiannon 2-4 year old spayed female

Rhiannon is a gorgeous long haired girl. She loves attention but prefers to be on the ground when you love her. She would love to sit quietly with you and watch your favourite tv show or keep you company while you read a book.

Connie - 3-5 year old spayed female

Connie has been wandering in the neighbourhood of 4th Ave NW for a few months. The caring people in the neighborhood were finally able to grab her during that nasty cold spell we had. Connie was a bit grouchy when she first came in as her long hair had become very matted and it was causing her quite a bit of pain. Since being spayed and shaved she is a whole new loving girl, she can't get enough pets and cuddles!

Hulk - adult neutered male.

Hulk is currently on trial, please check back!

Come on look at that face! Hulk is the strong silent type. He is quiet, calm and loves attention. He is sharing his kennel with Flash and these two are best buds. Hulk is quite content to sit back and let Flash greet you first he knows you won't be able to resist his handsome face for long.

Hardy - adult neutered male.

Hardy was quite shy when he first arrived but is coming out of his shell a bit more every day. He has been around other cats and is fine with them. We hope that his inky black coat doesn't prevent him from being noticed because this boy is so loving and sweet!

Rob - adult neutered male.

When Rob first arrived he was in pretty rough shape. He had clearly been on the losing end of more than one street fight. Rob is loving his life now, he has a full head of hair again and is warm, full and happy. Did we mention he has the prettiest orange eyes you have ever seen?

Sarah - 11 year old spayed female.

Sarah came to us a surrender from a loving family. Her mom had to move into a care home and her Dad had to move into housing that did not allow pets. Sarah is declawed on her front paws. She is quiet, affectionate and is fine around other cats. If you have space in your life for a quiet senior like Sarah please come down to the shelter and meet her in person, she is sure to steal your heart!

Marty- 1 1/2-2 yr. old neutered male.

Marty is currently out on trial, please check back.

This picture says it all; shy, relaxed, calm....ok who are we kidding! Marty is a bouncing orange and white ball of trouble, in all honesty though who could get mad at that face.

Stella- young adult, spayed female.

This very small girl appears to have had an interesting life already. Though she came in as a stray we know for a fact that she has had an owner at some point as her right back leg has been sugically amputated. She was very frightened when she first arrived. The shelter can be a scary place with all the new noises and sounds, but this little girl is starting to feel more comfortable everyday and little we know it won't be long until we can say "Stella got her groove back!".

Gilbert- 11 yr. old neutered male.

This handsome man is here due to no fault of his own. Unfortionately his owners living arrangements have changed and Gilbert has found himself in this loud, scarey place full of strangers and other animals. If you have a nice quiet home and an empty spot on the couch beside you we're sure he would be forever grateful.

Shrek- adult neutered male.

After coming in with quite a few scrapes and bite wounds this boy has decided to hang up his boxing gloves and reveal his softer, more gentler side. With a full belly and a warm soft bed this lover is ready to settle into a more 'stable' lifestyle.

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